When We Gather

These are some things the Lord is teaching us and re-emphasizing, as we come together in the fellowship and love of our Lord Jesus:

  1. We must trust the work of the Holy Spirit to mediate all things among the saints:  this is an exercise of faith–that we believe the Holy Spirit is able to teach us of all things–and to bring unity to His ekklesias by the power of His Spirit.  

  2. God speaks to us as one body:  therefore, when the Holy Spirit is conducting the symphony of the saints, what is revealed by their collective sound is greater than the music of their individual parts. No matter how helpful the faith and gift of any particular saint is during fellowship, the true significance of that contribution is best understood and revealed only when placed in context with what God is doing through all the assembled saints. Therefore, each saint is accountable before God for taking their place among the saints to speak and act as God leads.  Understanding these things helps us to rightly discern the Lord’s body.

  3.  If we believe that it is important for every saint to be a member of a healthy, functioning ekklesia in order to participate in what God is building among His saints, we also see the importance of every ekklesia having some form of relationship and fellowship with other ekklesias. Taken together, these practices emphasize the unity of the saints as one catholic [universal] body that is connected to and dependent upon the Head.  

  4. While the foremost task of the Holy Spirit is to provide spiritual instruction, God also provides direction for daily living that enables us to live in the world without being dependent upon the world.

4 thoughts on “When We Gather

  1. The “if” in your #3 above is paramount. For the only manner in which true unity of the Spirit can occur and flourish is when individual saints seek God for the scriptural revelation for what He deems to be acceptable. This begins with the knowledge of where the seedbed of these workings begin- in and through the individuals who comprise a local ekklesia. The reason for disunity is primarily two fold:
    First, an unwillingness to both teach and live Jesus and Him Crucified one to another, and
    secondly, a consistent application via the Holy Spirit of what actually constitutes proper Christian belief and practice. Although there are always differing manners in which individuals perceive and practice the truth, that truth remains consistent and ultimately leads to all local saints being equally likeminded.

    The older must with certainty be patient and at times longsuffer with those who are found in this process, nonetheless; the goal must always remain a singular consistent practice among all Christians despite where they reside. To fall short of this or to accept something far less is to both compromise the truth as it actually is and to doubt God’s own abilities to bring this to fruition.

    Excellent Mark. May we all continue to walk in the exercise of faith, and in this process, reap exactly as we have sown.

  2. Amen brother, as we learn to conform into His one Body, it’s necessarily “messy”. But this is Spirit against flesh. I suppose the actual answer lies in learning a deeper meaning of crucifying our flesh (dying to ourselves) as Christ commands out of necessity but is a natural process of that which is Spiritual.

  3. Yes, and it is the total unconditional surrender of our selves that is required! First to our Lord, and then to His Work THROUGH us. There is no place for our work for Him in this walk…except in the lake of fire!

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