The Horse and the Hill

This is a dream the Lord gave me recently.

Adultery Masquerading as Righteousness—a man and a woman are sitting on a pew in a church filled with people.  I know them—that their relationship was formed out of an adulterous relationship—and the others know this too.  They have righteousness and approval by man, but not in the eyes of God. 

Abuse in the Name of God—a little girl is running across the front of the church; everyone can see her.  As she runs, she trips and falls.  A long line of small, shiny pieces of something spill out of a bag she is carrying.  I examine them:  they are tiny metal shapes [stars, moon, and sun].  No one moves to help her.   It is too big of a job for the little girl alone to pick up the myriad of tiny shapes she has dropped, so I begin helping her.  Still, it takes us a long, long time.  No one is concerned about her, except me.  The stars represent the children of God, for whom there is no concern.  As a whole [the stars, moon, and sun] represent God’s divine order and influence, which has been overturned  in this place.  This is evident because there is no concern for the weak.  The ministry that God has in His children is neglected because the people are too busy serving the desires of man, instead of God:  therefore, the ministries the Lord has in His children remain dormant. 

The Powerful, Uplifting Ministry of the Lord—I escape on a large, black horse with wings, which arises out of the midst of the assembly; they cannot stop me. 

Return to the Palace to Free a Prisoner from Bondage—I descend from above on the black horse and alight beside a man chained in the middle of a large courtyard.  I free him, and we begin to run.  We are running down a flight of stairs towards the gate of the castle.  [The palace is inside a castle.]  Men in black block his way and are certain to recapture the escaping prisoner, but the black horse charges ahead and scatters them out of the man’s way.  We escape.

The Recapture—the man and I are alone in the wilderness, heading down a large, forested mountain.  Suddenly, the black-clad men appear.  They were lying in wait for him, ready to spring their trap.  The man tries to run, but he is surrounded.  I cannot help him because he gives in to them. 

The Close Escape—I am in danger of being captured also; the black-clad men are surrounding me like the waters of a flood.  However, the strength of the horse is too much for them.  The horse whirls and gallops uphill momentarily:  and then leaps up and flies away into the air high above the mountain. 

The Threat of the High Hill—I am on the black horse, high above the mountain.  I can see the black-clad men ringing the top of the hill; they are archers.  They are waiting for me to return, so that they can shoot their many arrows and kill the horse I ride upon.  I know that, if I return, I will be destroyed because I will lose the ministry of the horse:  like Samson whose hair was cut due to his adultery and lost all of his strength. 

The Reason the Horse and the Men are Black—anything the Lord does, those in the palace will imitate–but not perfectly. 


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