Neither Fret Over Evildoers nor Rejoice in Their Sufferings

“Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:  Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him,” (Proverbs 24:17-18). 

Here, the implication is that the Lord’s displeasure shall turn upon those who glory and revel in the sufferings of their enemies.  

And this also, seem relevant:

“Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked,” (Proverbs 24:19).

Nothing that evil men do, no matter how grievous or disturbing to our souls or contrary to our nature is to shift us from our sure foundation and confidence in Christ–or compromise our daily peace–for our trust is in the providence of God.  

Moreover, while the wicked may possess much and enjoy great favor for a season, they will be dispossessed of all they have (Psalm 17:14; Matthew 6:2; Revelation 21:8).

Yet, we have a greater reward, the unspeakable gift of God!  (2 Corinthians 9:15).

5 thoughts on “Neither Fret Over Evildoers nor Rejoice in Their Sufferings

  1. 20 years ago, when I was new in the Lord, our young family took a little vacation. Prior to going, my in tank fuel pump bit the dust. On our trip across Pa to Amish Country, the new fuel pump also died. The company that towed my car to their garage also fixed the fuel pump and also said my alternator was bad and replaced it too! They gouged us hard knowing we were at their mercy…
    Of course the vacation was somewhat ruined, and cut short, and I was quite angry at the garage. They raised the “old me” to the point of my having sinful thoughts and plans as to how to get even and more from this reprobate rascal who had done us wrong. My thoughts were not pretty at all, and quite dark really.
    So, as is proper, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin, now working to complete my flesh dying in this situation…I was cheated and then being humbled before our Lord. In prayer, I admitted that vengeance was His alone, praying, “I know vengeance is your Lord…But can I be there to watch?!?!” LOL It was at that moment I realized I could not nor would I want His vengeance to fall upon this or any man. So I began praying for this mechanic, forgiving him and asking for the Lord to save him also.

  2. My conclusion from your story, Mickey: “God can handle it.”

    And it’s true …

    Which reminds me of something the Lord taught me when I was going through a dark season: the situation is never about the situation; it’s about what portion of the Lord’s character He is revealing to and forming in us.

    Same kind of thing [as your story] …


  3. My conclusion from your story Mickey is this:

    It doesn’t take long even these days to think those kinds of thoughts and attempt to convince myself that some of them are justified. In the last year the same local “reputable” company has done a poor job of aligning my truck and even attempted to get me to replace most of my friend end parts in the process. It still isn’t right. Says nothing of the new tires I bought last year that I’ll likely have to replace this summer.

    My Father quickly reminds me of two things though. First, having an issue like this doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to discuss the issue and have it corrected. When I do, I have to remember that it isn’t always intentional and someone else’s livelihood might be at stake depending upon how I deal with the issue. That person might be a new employee, someone having a bad day or going through a personal tragedy. My first reaction to these things should always be patient with the so-called offender until I have the “facts” in hand.

    Secondly, I believe every issue such as this and how I choose to resolve it depends upon where my focus in life remains. If that focus as Mark has said is upon my circumstances I cannot retain peace when these problems arise. Isaiah says that the steadfast of mind thou wilt keep in perfect peace. That steadfast mindset must always remain upon Christ and what He is actively doing or allowing in these circumstances.

    For example, I arose at 4:30am today to get a head start on loading my vehicle before heading up north. After that it took a few hours to attend to some details and just before leaving my truck started acting up-again. Many thoughts raced through my mind and most of them were not very productive. Despite that, their was a difference from times past. I have honestly given my Father the say over this truck long ago and this “vacation” before it ever started. Maybe this is a hiccup to delay me, maybe I’ll have to cancel the trip, who knows. One things for sure, I don’t have to fret about it or blame my mechanic (who I gave $$$ last month), my own stupidity for not selling it sooner or even God Himself. I’m still tempted to yes, but I reject those thoughts quickly now and rest in whatever resolution and provision He provides. I agree that His providence overshadows all.

    As to the wicked, they may have what I might like to enjoy, all of which will only bring the temporal joys and comforts of this life. I knew when Jesus called me long ago I would likely have to relinquish most of that, still He has afforded most of us here in the states many, many luxuries. If I am to be considering others as myself as the Bible commands, I don’t want to be found obsessing over worldly things that might give others the impression that this is what I live for. A true testimony of Christ is what we are called to exhibit- that which neither riles against evildoers, nor makes their passions and pursuits as equal or apparently valuable as Jesus Himself. It’s the very denial of these things in ourselves that make us a peculiar people, those with a testimony that echoes both our lifestyle and that of Jesus Himself.

  4. Have a nice trip Michael! And next time? Buy a Toyota! LOL I did after that incident back in 92 and have never looked back! That 92 Camry gave me nearly 320,000 trouble free miles and the 2nd owner got another 100,000 miles out of it last I knew! The 2006 Camry that replaced it is now at 215,000 miles and has been just as reliable. I guess I could have gotten a Honda instead, then when we all get together one day, I could drive and we’d all be in one Accord! :)

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