A Practical Exhortation concerning the Patience of the Saints within the Assembly

  • Nothing is to predominate our thinking and discussion, except Christ:  He is the focus.  [This includes our personal devotion times as well.]

  • When issues arise [as they are certain to do], early decision-making is egocentric, even if our convictions are generally shaped by the truth of God’s word:  it’s not that we do not have our own convictions, but rather, that we are not to view these convictions as fully formed [and the work of the Holy Spirit complete], until we have received the counsel of the saints whom we know and fellowship with in our assemblies, as this is how we submit ourselves to and trust the working of the Holy Spirit among His people.  [This is how we know whether or not we are functioning as one body, instead of acting as individuals in a corporate setting.]

  • Communication among all the saints is vital:  keep the lines of communication open!  

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